Importance of Wheel Alignment & Balancing for Safe Driving

When did you last schedule wheel alignment and balancing in Oklahoma City? 

If the answer is “a while”, it’s time to get an appointment on the books! Let’s break down this service, why it matters, and how you will benefit. 

What is wheel alignment & balancing? 

Wheel alignment helps ensure that your vehicle maintains correct steering and suspension angles. Misalignment, when these angles are off, can result in many issues. If these problems go unaddressed, they can cause excessive wear and damage that will require repairs. 

On the other hand, balancing is a routine service to balance out uneven weight distribution on the wheels. Shops use a balancing machine to complete this process. This maintenance requirement is essential for proper alignment and performance.

Why does it matter? 

There are many compelling reasons to schedule wheel alignment and balancing in Oklahoma City. Let’s cover some!

  • Reliable driving: For one, you will enjoy a more consistent ride. We will discuss some of the warning signs that can cause disruptions to your daily commuting experience. 
  • Increased fuel efficiency: You’ll even save money at the pumps! Proper alignment will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. 
  • Improved steering: A misaligned wheel can make for awkward maneuvering on your trip. But proper alignment keeps you in command throughout the drive. 
  • Long-term value: Repair bills can add up! When you prioritize wheel alignment and balancing in Oklahoma City, you can prevent major issues and save yourself money in the long run. 
  • Even tread wear: Misalignment can devastate the condition of your tires, resulting in uneven tread wear. You’ll find yourself replacing tires more often and spending more money. 

Warning signs to monitor 

You understand the service and why it’s important. But what about knowing when your vehicle needs it? 

We recommend establishing a routine maintenance schedule with your preferred shop. Consult your owner’s manual for suggested intervals and chat with their service experts as needed. 

Beyond routine maintenance, schedule wheel alignment and balancing in Oklahoma City if you run into issues. 

Examples of warning signs include: 

  • Excessive and uneven tread wear
  • The steering wheel is not in proper alignment 
  • Vehicle vibrations while driving 
  • Sudden pulling to one side

If you notice one or more of these issues, don’t delay scheduling a shop visit! You’ll want a technician to inspect your vehicle, diagnose the problem, and complete minor maintenance or repairs. Remember, putting it off may cost you significantly more. 

Next steps 

Are you ready to schedule your next wheel alignment and balancing service? FastLap Auto Repair specializes in this maintenance need for our customers! Contact us today to learn more and get an upcoming appointment on the books.