Tire Replacement: The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Have you ever dealt with a tire issue? It’s no fun! And if it’s bad enough, a tire replacement can cost extra money you had no plans on paying.
Thankfully, there’s a reliable way for you to avoid this situation. Let’s break down a couple ways regular maintenance can help you extend the performance of your tires.
But first: why does tire maintenance even matter?
Your car’s engine and brakes matter for the daily driving experience. But so do your tires!
The status of your tires matters for every aspect of your open road travel. Reliable tires keep you safe, improve ride quality, and maximize your investment.
On the other end, worn-down tires can put you at risk. Beyond safety concerns, they will negatively affect everything from handling to performance. You’ll also spend more money replacing them earlier than you need to!
Keep your tires in great shape and ready for the long road ahead with regular maintenance. Let’s outline how auto repair services can make a difference.
What routine tire maintenance looks like
A reliable auto repair shop can help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s tires. Keep up on your regular tire rotation schedule and bring your vehicle in whenever there’s an issue.
Certified technicians will complete every form of tire maintenance imaginable. They can:
  • Check inflation levels and ensure proper inflation
  • Complete wheel alignment service to correct misalignment issues
  • Inspect your tires for excess tread wear
  • Address warning signs you bring up (like sudden pulling or vibrations)
  • Look for damage, any nails or objects in the tires, tears, and other potential issues
Reasons for routine tire maintenance
Let’s say you put off your upcoming tire rotation. Or don’t feel like the nail in your tire is any big deal. What happens then?
There are plenty of potential negative outcomes. You may damage the tires beyond salvaging. Or you could cause other forms of damage to your vehicle.
You’ll pay more to replace the damage and address these preventable repairs. And even before this point, the quality of your vehicle’s performance will suffer.
Avoid tire replacements altogether with regular maintenance at a shop you trust!
Extra DIY tips to keep your tires in good condition
Beyond regular maintenance, there are simple things you can do to keep your tires in tip-top shape.
Here are some tips for DIY tire upkeep:
  • Avoid potholes and try not to hit curbs when turning
  • Make sure you have the right seasonal tires for driving in frigid weather
  • Inspect your tires before a long cross-country trip
  • Check the inflation of your tires periodically at a local gas station featuring air pumps
Schedule your next tire appointment today
Our team at FastLap Auto Repair can inspect your tires and conduct routine tire maintenance. We can even replace your tires when it’s necessary.

Give us a call to learn more or schedule your next appointment online!

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