How to Identify an Efficient Auto Mechanic

You don’t want to trust your vehicle with just anybody. Quality and convenience matter. You’re seeking an auto repair shop with these factors in mind.

If you’re looking for an efficient auto repair mechanic, you came to the right place! Our team at FastLap can detail what qualities to prioritize.
Must-have qualities for auto repair mechanics
1. Specialization skills
If you drive a unique vehicle, you can’t expect any general mechanic to work on it. Your sports car or full-size pickup truck may have specialized repair requirements. Finding a mechanic that accommodates these requirements is essential.
As you conduct your online shop research, focus on this specialization detail. See if their website mentions your vehicle type. Call the shop and ask if they support the specialized work you need.
2. Pass a customer review check
Positive customer reviews are a must. And while many Google Reviews focus on the shop itself, you will often find some reviews that speak to individual experiences working with mechanics!
Check out the reviews for the auto repair shop and mechanic you’re considering. Are there common themes? Do they trend positively or negatively?
3. Approved by your inner circle
Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to check on the quality and efficiency of an auto repair mechanic.

Ask your friends and family about their experiences at the auto mechanic shop. Do they recommend a specific auto repair mechanic? Why do they speak so highly of them?

4. Certified by ASE
Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is one great benchmark to vet your auto repair mechanics.

The program holds technicians to very high standards. Those standards mean you can expect reliability with your next shop visit. Look for ASE certification in the auto repair shops you consider.

5. Positive first impression
Have a minor repair you need addressed? Take the auto repair mechanic you’re considering for an initial test drive!
After the appointment is complete, evaluate your experience. Did they complete the repairs with precision? Was the process efficient overall? If they pass with flying colors, consider them for more extensive repairs down the road.
6. Considerate of convenience
Let’s face it, we’re all busy. Delays at auto repair shops can make an already hectic workweek feel worse.
As you research auto repair mechanics, analyze the specific theme of convenience in customer reviews. Do auto repair jobs tend to run longer than the shop promises customers? Or are they reliably completed on (or ahead) of schedule?
7. Many years of experience
When it comes to auto repair shops, experience matters. Look for the shop’s total years in business. If they pair five-star customer reviews with over a decade in operation, you can feel good about scheduling an appointment.
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