Get To Know Your Car: How Often Should You Get Tire Alignments?

Have you ever replaced tires early due to excessive wear? It’s a pricey, unnecessary expense to avoid if possible.
Thankfully, you can! Routine wheel alignment and balancing at FastLap can make all the difference.
But how often should you complete this essential service? And what are the warning signs that warrant a trip to our shop? Let’s dive into the details!
Why Proper Alignment Matters
Proper alignment is essential for your driving experience.
First, it affects your safety. Some of the warning signs (which we will cover) can put your travel party in danger if not addressed. It also supports the suspension and steering of your vehicle. Another point is the quality of your driving itself. Who wants to experience a bumpy trip from point A to B?
That takes us to our next point: potential money saved. You can prevent excessive tire wear and improve fuel efficiency with proper car wheel alignment. As a result, you can enjoy fewer tire replacements and avoid costly expenses.
Key Warning Signs
You understand why proper alignment matters. But when are you even supposed to know there’s an issue?
If you notice any of the following signs, you will want to stop by for some diagnostics testing:
  • Sudden veering 
  • Steering wheel misalignment 
  • Steering wheel vibrations 
  • Excessive tire wear 
What Causes Misalignment
Many driving scenarios can cause your vehicle to become misaligned. The quality of road surface is one critical factor. If you drive on smooth, paved roads, misalignment is less likely. But if you live in a remote area with bumpy roads, you may need to schedule car wheel alignment more often. Off-roading activities can also cause misalignment.
Damage to roads is another contributing factor. If you hit a large pothole and notice issues with your vehicle, that impact may be to blame. Running into curbs can also cause misalignment, requiring a trip to our shop.
When to Schedule Wheel Alignment and Balancing

When you notice one or more of these problems, schedule an appointment at FastLap. Our certified technicians are happy to take a look and diagnose the issues at hand. 

But it’s also good practice to ask about your car wheel alignment at regular maintenance check-ins! Specific suggestions for when to schedule tire alignment and balancing can vary. These recommendations depend on your make and model, how often you drive, the type of roads you travel on and other criteria.

To establish a regular cadence for this service, consult your owner’s manual. If your owner’s manual doesn’t have a direct recommendation, reach out to our team! We can consult some of our internal resources to provide an accurate benchmark for your tire alignment and balancing service.

How We Help
Whether it’s to address wheel misalignment or to keep up with routine maintenance intervals, our mechanics have you covered! With cutting-edge technology, we will align your vehicle’s wheels and restore the ride quality you deserve.
We invite you to schedule an appointment online and contact us with your questions today.
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