3 Common Warning Signs That Indicate You Need Professional Brake Repair Services

Your brakes play a critical role. Poor-performing brakes can affect your ride quality and put you at serious risk on the open road.
You need to know the potential indicators that signal brake issues exist. Here are the top three warning signs that show you may need to schedule brakes repair.
Noisy braking
Do your brakes squeak or squeal any time you press the brake pedal? Does the sound get worse the harder you push down?

These noises are a tell-tale sign that your brake pads may have worn down. Schedule brakes repair in Oklahoma City right away if these issues appear. You risk causing extensive damage that will cost much more to address if you put a trip to the shop off.

Vibrating steering wheel
Do you feel your steering wheel shudder any time you apply your brakes?
That’s not a normal response and a clear sign that your brake rotors may have an issue. Qualified technicians can take a look at every component within your brake system. They will assess whether there are worn parts, damage, leaks, or other performance issues.
Brake light activated
The most obvious warning sign is still an important indicator. If your brake light turns on, you will want to get a brake repair appointment on the books soon.
Read through your owner’s manual when this light activates for specific instructions. Don’t confuse your brake light with the parking brake light, which you could have turned on inadvertently.
Other warning signs to monitor
Beyond these top three warning signs, other indicators exist.
If you notice a burning smell or your vehicle pulling to one side unexpectedly, you’ll want to schedule a brake inspection and get that checked out.
How we factor in
Are you ready to schedule an appointment for brake repair in Oklahoma City?
FastLap Auto Repair is ready to work on your behalf! Our certified technicians will run diagnostics tests to find the particular issue with your brakes. From there, they will conduct a physical inspection to look for signs of damage.
Once we’ve identified the root cause, we will replace the necessary parts and resolve the issue.
Schedule your brakes appointment today

Once you notice an issue with your vehicle’s brakes, it’s time to stop by the shop. Look out for the warning signs in this blog post and book an appointment with us if they occur! Our expert technicians will have your brakes performing at a premium level again.

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