Redefining Autocare With Modern Technology



Who we are

Our brand ‘FastLap Auto Repair’ is a reflection of our drive for performance.

In racing, earning the fastest lap is the result of thoughtful planning, coordinated teamwork, and employing technology to forge ahead. Earning the best time around the track is the culmination of many people doing their job well.

The name FastLap Auto Repair is our commitment to setting the standard for automotive service. It’s about the appreciation of working together to create an environment where efficiency and pride in our craft translate to better experiences for our employees and our customers.

We partner with leading players in the auto care industry and we back them with the support, systems, and tools they need to ensure the long-term success of their business.

Our suite of tools and technologies includes easy-to-implement, data-centric solutions that empower auto care providers to enhance the quality of their services and their digital interaction with customers and employees.

Partnerships and Possibilities

As the dynamics of the auto service and repair industry evolve, operators must too. FastLap Auto Repair offers an ecosystem built on growth strategies to enhance the legacy of your business. Together we can identify routes to greater value creation. Whether you’re transitioning your business, want to capture maximum value, or need to discuss the future of your auto service outlet, reach out to us.

We have identified innovations that simplify processes and remove friction for consumers and technicians. Our solutions truly drive more loyalty for businesses.



People Centric
Years of Industry Experience
Innovative Vision

Why Customers Love Us

We’ve identified innovations that simplify processes and remove friction. Our proven solutions drive customer loyalty and enhance results.

Whether it’s the cars or the people, we value professionalism and convenience.

Customers come to us for hassle-free services for a variety of brands and models. Through contemporary practices our team gets them back on the road in no time, making FastLap Auto Repair the customer’s number one choice in auto repair.